Turn Your Skin From Dull to Dazzling During COVID-19

How to look good for your Zoom – By now we probably all know to make sure the brightest light in your room is facing you, be eye level with your computer’s camera, and always make sure you know what is in your background! But did you know your skincare (and a little Zoom filter) can help you look your best for your next virtual business meeting or happy hour? 

The key to a fabulous complexion – even one close up and in HD – is hydration. Be sure to keep your skin moisturized, even out your skin tone, and add a little color, so even if you choose to forego makeup, you are sure to look refreshed and camera-ready. Some of our favorite products include:

  • HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator Provides immediate smoothing to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and supports the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Spoiler alert – HA5 is a staff favorite!
  • Lumivive Protects the skin from the blue light from your screen while improving the appearance of skin tone and helps to reduce  that awful redness.
  • Total Defense and Repair – Antioxidants and sunscreen to both repair damage from the sun and protect against new damage; use the tinted version and it provides the perfect amount of color to give you a little glow. 

When you are wearing a mask, it’s all about the eyes – It seems the new now will include the use of face masks, at least for a while. Which means, of course, that all eyes will be on your eyes. 

If you are noticing those fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and the deep creases in your forehead more than ever, it may be time for Botox®. A popular, non-surgical injectable, Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, resulting in a smooth complexion and overall refreshed you. With no downtime, minimal discomfort, and treatment in about 15 minutes, Botox can make all of the difference in just one visit. 

Step up your eye game even more with a couple of our favorite products. Lengthen even the shortest of lashes to make a statement above those masks with Latisse that allows you to get longer, lusher lashes at home. Simply apply it on the upper eyelid once daily, and you can have enviable eyelashes in as short as 4 weeks. Get the ultimate under eye boost with SkinMedica’s Instant Bright Eye Mask that ultra-hydrates and visibly improves puffiness to enhance those beautiful baby blues.

Take care of your skin underneath your mask – While it’s important to make sure those eyes are looking their best above the mask, it’s essential to take care of your skin under your mask as well. Especially for those working on the front lines who must wear a mask for a long period of time, the skin where the mask hits your face can get dry and irritated, as do hands from frequent handwashing. 

According to Dr. Clinton, “a light coating of Aquaphor on the irritated skin can soothe it and add needed moisture back in.” If using on your hands, consider covering with a light cotton covering overnight to really let the moisture sink in. Of course, using a heavy moisturizer like this may cause acne to worsen. Be sure to use a good cleanser, possibly along with the Clarisonic Brush, to deep clean the skin.  

Build up a strong immune system – With the uncertainty in the world, it is easy to give in to temptation and get away from a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that eating heavily processed food and increasing alcohol consumption can diminish your immune system, as well as increase dehydration, cause inflammation and puffiness, and cause redness due to dilated blood vessels under the skin. 

To keep your skin beautiful and your immune system strong, eat plenty of fresh foods including lots of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats; drink plenty of water; and supplement with vitamins when advised by your physician. Strong, healthy, and beautiful – we call that the Timeless trifecta!

Timeless Skin Solutions began seeing patients again on May 1, following specific safety guidelines from the CDC. We have been overwhelmed by the show of support and compliments from our patients! If you haven’t already, schedule your next appointment – we can’t wait to see you!

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