Introducing the NEW (and AH-MAZING!) TNS® Advanced+ Serum

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The new TNS® Advanced+ Serum is an intensive treatment serum that supports rapid, comprehensive skin rejuvenation with significant, visible improvements in coarse wrinkles, fine lines, and overall texture. Yes, it really is that amazing!

It was developed using the most advanced growth factor technology (TNS®-MR), and the only growth factor proven to address sagging skin in clinical studies. The growth factors target the biological pathways in the skin that promote healing, and were actually created in an environment that mimics a womb to encourage the growth of new growth factors and stem cells. Cool, right?!

With continued use, TNS® Advanced+ Serum lifts the appearance of sagging skin and enhances firmness to reclaim smooth, tight and youthful-looking skin that appears up to 6 years younger after just 12 weeks of use.  In addition to smoothing lines and improving skin texture, it also helps fade dark spots and firms sagging skin, even along the jawline, which is a really tall order for skin care.

Clinical studies conducted with participants from a wide range of ages, from 37 to 70, showed dramatic results.

  • Improvement in skin texture after 14 days of twice-daily use
  • Significant improvement in sagging and overall photo damage after eight weeks
  • 22 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • 15 percent reduction in rough skin

So, how does TNS® Advanced+ Serum compare to the original TNS® Essential Serum? TNS Advanced+ Serum is a second generation product developed through years of research using the same cell bank of human fibroblast (the growth factors) found in TNS® Essential Serum. Researchers exposed these cells to different environments, ultimately developing a new proprietary blend of 450 growth factors that delivers results twice as fast as the original formula.  Instead of taking 30 days to start working, you’ll see smoother skin in two weeks!

Antioxidants in the original TNS® Essential Serum that caused skin irritation among some users have been replaced with botanicals that do not irritate skin and support the efficacy of the growth factors. Even better? The new manufacturing process eliminates the growth factors’ scent so you won’t have to put up with any obvious odor on your way to looking refreshed.

As always, the physicians and clinicians at Timeless Skin Solutions can help you determine the best skincare products to meet your needs. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your skincare needs, or visit our online skin care store to purchase this ah-mazing new product!

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