Results Are Everything.

When it comes to your skin, you want results you can see. Take a closer look at the outcomes we’ve accomplished with our patients—and hear about their experiences straight from the source.


Uneven Skin Tone & Fine Lines

Theresa wanted to correct sun spots and uneven skin tone that developed from casual, ongoing sun exposure. She wanted to avoid downtime and see a noted change in the appearance of her skin.

  • Goal
    Even Skin Tone & Youthful Complexion
  • Conditions
    Sun Spots
  • Treatments
    IPL / Photofacial / BBL , DiamondGlow®
  • Duration
    Series of (5) IPL and SilkPeel DermalInfusion treatments coupled with medical-grade products, followed by maintenance treatments and continued use of product.
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I had hyperpigmentation all over my face that I could not cover with make-up. It was noiticeable and I didn’t feel good about it. After my IPL treatments both my dad and brother commented about my improved skin. I can even go without make-up it I choose. I am so happy with my results.


Neck, Shoulders, & Décolleté

Sagging Skin Around the Neck

Mary was unhappy with the sagging skin around her neck that reduced the tone and definition of her jawline making her look older than she was. She wanted a non-surgical solution to lift and tighten this problem area.

When I looked in the mirror I noticed my skin sagging particularly around my jawline. I didn’t want to do surgery but I was not happy with the look. Ultherapy was the perfect solution offering a non-surgical, no-downtime option to lift sagging skin. I love my lifted look!

Columbus, OH

Torso & Back

Eliminate Unwanted Belly Fat

Stacy works out regularly and makes every attempt to eat well, but after being pregnant and giving birth to her daughter, her tummy never quite went back to the way it was before. No amount of effort could slim that area the way she wanted to. She was looking for a non-surgical, no-downtime way to reduce fat in her abdomen.

“I was starting to feel so defeated because no amount of exercise was affecting change in the bulky appearance of my abdomen, and CoolSculpt really changed that for me. I feel better than I have in years and I love the way my clothes fit again.”

Columbus, OH

Arms & Legs

Reduced appearance of leg veins

When Carol looked at her legs all she could see were her veins, and she was tired of feeling self conscious when she wore dresses or skirts. She was looking to reduce the appearance of her leg veins.

After receiving treatment for the clusters of veins on my legs I feel so much better in my shorts and skirts! Thanks Timeless.

Dublin, OH

Hands & Feet

Younger, fuller looking hands

Sometimes are hands can be the first thing to really give away our age. We invest so much time and effort into maintaining the appearance of our faces and necks, why not our hands? Nancy was unhappy with the way her hands looked because of their bony appearance, the visual veins and the sun spots. She hardly recognized them as her own.

One day while driving I looked down at my hands and thought to myself they look just like the hands of my 80+ year old mom. Even though I make taking care of my skin on my face and neck a priority with regular wrinkle erasing treatments such as Botox and injectable fillers along with skin rejuvenating treatments including Micro-Needling, SilkPeel DermalInfusion and Dermaplanes – I realized I had completely neglected my hands. I couldn’t believe the difference injectable fillers and a light chemical peel made!

Dublin, OH