Dr. Carol Clinton Talks with Debra Penzone About Finding Our Way In the “New Now”

Dr. Carol Clinton recently hosted a Zoom Facebook Live conversation with Debra Penzone, President of Charles Penzone, Inc., and their six PENZONE Salons + Spas. A fascinating conversation between two visionaries in the personal services and aesthetic medicine industries, they chatted about the “new now”, and what things will look like as their businesses reopen. 

Read a few excerpts from the conversation below, and check out the full video – definitely worth 20 minutes of your time! 

Dr. Clinton: My biggest thing is I want my patients to be safe, I want my staff to be safe, and that is what they want as well. So, you know, there is some anxiety coming out of our homes and in doing some of this stuff that is normal things – like, we all want our haircut! 

Debra Penzone: It is really starting to not really have a new normal, but a “new now”. So right now, in this moment, this is what we have to do. But you know in a month it may be changing.  So I think that is real important, too, for us to all stay flexible. To be able to know that things will evolve and change is always hard for everybody but trying to have that flexibility and knowing that at any moment we are going to evolve what we are doing and how we continue to stay safe and what that looks like for everybody. 

Dr. Clinton: The facts that we had in early March are different than the facts that we have today and it will continue to be that way. We are talking about the new now, but I think we are going to all be better hand washers because of this, we are all going to wipe surfaces  – I don’t think that is going to change. …

Debra Penzone: Don’t you feel so proud of Ohio? I mean, I am so proud of our state. Everybody across all of the United States is like “wow, Ohio is doing it the right way.” When we closed on March 15, I believe they said we were the first salon in the United States to close, and our Governor was the first to close and now we are (among) the last one that is opening back up. We have really done things the right way, taken our time, and been intentional. … I think that helped us in Ohio to stay so strong like we have been. 

Dr. Clinton: I agree with you, I couldn’t be prouder of our Governor and Dr. Acton. I know everyone doesn’t feel that way. I would say that people who are in high-risk categories are going to be more cautious than people who are not, and that is what they find throughout the world.

Dr. Clinton: I’m sure a lot like you, the 15th we are allowed to open – it’s not mandatory. If a salon or spa or a day spa doesn’t feel like they are prepared or ready or want to open. It’s okay. And without judgment, I think we need to support each other. We are all in this together. If my neighbor down the street doesn’t want to open their place and they want to wait a little longer, I ‘m not judging them. I’m going to be like “okay, that’s what you feel you need to do.” That’s the positive light of we are in this together and let’s help each other without that judgment is so needed right now. 

Debra Penzone: It’s really been a good time for all of us, in all of our industries to look at all of those procedures that you do each and every day and take the time to reevaluate it and shine that light on it, how important each team members is to help you taking care of the environment. 

Dr. Clinton: Well this is going to be a lot of fun; it’s a lot of work to get back up and get going. I wish you the best and just appreciate you taking the time. I just want people to start to feel comfortable going out in public and going to places where people are doing the appropriate distancing, mask-wearing, wiping things down, and hand washing. I think we are going to be okay. And at some point, we will get more massive testing and will have even safer healthcare precautions that come through our public health departments. It is just going to keep evolving but it is time for us to get out and get going again. 

All PENZONE Salon + Spa location are reopening May 15th, and will begin seeing guests on May 17. Learn more about their new safety protocols and schedule your appointment today – your roots will thank you! 

Timeless Skin Solutions began seeing patients again on May 1, following specific safety guidelines. We have been overwhelmed by the show of support and compliments from our patients! If you haven’t already, schedule your next appointment – we can’t wait to see you!

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