Stretch Mark Treatment in Columbus

Columbus: Stretch Mark Treatments Are Available

There Is Something You Can Do if You’re Unhappy with Stretch Marks

When rapid skin changes such as growth or pregnancy happen, many people see reddish purplish marks called striae emerge.

You Don’t Have to Be Pregnant

Dr. Carol Clinton and Gail Hogan recently chatted about stretch marks and their treatments. According to Clinton, many patients who come to Timeless with stretch marks aren’t who you might expect.

“Women who’ve just had a baby … that’s the most common thing that we think of but young people when they grow quickly” can get stretch marks as well.

She said it’s a hard time to be dealing with changes including stretch marks.

“It’s really disturbing when you’re somewhere between 13 and 18 years old and you suddenly have these purplish reddish marks on your body,” said Clinton.

Help Is Available

Among treatments that can help minimize stretch marks are:


Learn more about what Timeless can do for your stretch marks and more – schedule an appointment.

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