Columbus Scar Revision: New Scar Treatment

Treatment for Scars in Columbus Can Vary

SkinMedica Scar Gel Before and After
Image from SkinMedica

If you’ve got a scar that bothers you, there are a number of treatments available including one that only just recently made its debut.

Dr. Carol Clinton and Gail Hogan got a chance to discuss SkinMedica’s Scar Recovery Gel.

Speed up The Healing Process

“SkinMedica is a company that put a lot of money into their research and they found that decreasing water loss that happens on a fresh wound and decreasing inflamation will decrease the amount of redness a wound has,” Clinton said.

“After using Scar Recovery Gel for 6 months, 80% of patients saw a reduction in the size, shape, texture, and color of their scars.” – source.

Appearance Is Greatly Improved

“The other thing you really want to do,” Clinton said, “You really want to decrease the tension across the wound.”

The Scar Recovery Gel contains ingredients that help decrease the pulling of the skin across the scar as well as keep the moisture in the collagen as it’s being rebuilt.

To really help the process along, Clinton suggested using the gel over micropore tape.

Time Heals Most Wounds … But Why Wait?

Hogan said she had a pretty sizable scar that didn’t start to look OK until time had passed.

Clinton said the gel can make some significant improvement in pretty short order. “Within six months you’ll have the healing it takes most people two years to get through.”

It may be possible to avoid further corrective measures if you use the gel at the very first moment you can, she said.

“This is a lot easier.”

Further Options For Scar Minimization

Every scar is different and we’ve got a variety of ways to address them including:

The best way to find out which treatment might be right for you is to request a consultation here.


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