Laser Hair Removal Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio: Laser Hair Removaltake a vacation from shaving with columbus laser hair removal

Unwanted hair is a big pain. No two ways about it. That’s why we offer laser hair removal in Columbus.

Out, Out Darn Hair!

Dr. Carol Clinton, Gail Hogan and patient Debbie recently talked about what a relief it is to be rid of shaving and all the work that entails.

“It was wonderful,” Debbie said.

She said it is great to be free of the burden of daily having to keep up with hair growth.

“No razor rash … nothing like that,” said Debbie.

Get Rid of It

Clinton said the process includes application of a gel and numbing cream and then passing a laser over the hairs that are in the growth phase.

“It’ll take care of the follicles,” she said.

The laser goes into the follicle and disables its ability to grow. Not all hair is going to be in the growth stage at any given time, so more than one treatment is necessary to get the vast majority of all the hairs.

Just The Hair

The pigment in the hairs is what the laser targets, so the rest of the skin is left just the way it was.

Since the laser targets pigment, lighter-colored hair isn’t as likely to respond as well and dermaplane may be recommended instead.

Five Or So

Just to be sure to get all the hairs in the different growth stages, Clinton suggests five to eight treatments and maybe a touch-up at about 18 months.

“Is it permanent?” asked Hogan.

Clinton said, “Permanent hair reduction.”


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