Tips on maximizing your suitcase space

Anyone who has been on a trip recently, knows that the days of easy travel by air are over! Luggage fees, weighing suitcases, long lines, pat downs, and quart-size Ziploc bags are today’s travel realities. My motto is, if you can drive there in 8 hours or less—drive!

With family living out of town and out of the country, lots of weddings to attend, business trips, and vacation, I have become a frequent flyer. After arriving without luggage in the past, I have also become an expert at packing the roller board; this is airline lingo for the suitcase on wheels that goes in the overhead compartment. This suitcase, also known as a “carry-on” is allowed to hold up to 40 lbs. Yes, 40 lbs.

One more good reason to keep in shape! (I don’t know the weight limit of your second carry-on, known as a personal item, but I’m sure I’ve stretched the line on that one.)

When starting the packing process try to remember that black is your friend.  Black and white are classic colors that match well with each other. With that in mind, I begin by choosing work out gear, tennis shoes, shorts, pants, assorted tops, bathing suits, and a dress or two.

I usually start the actual packing with a black dress that can be rolled and won’t show wrinkles. Rolling your clothes really does maximize space, so be sure to roll your shorts, tops, and other items. Adding a scarf or a great belt can completely change the look of any outfit and the same goes for jewelry accessories. When all is said and done, you should easily have room to add a pair of sandals and heals.

I almost always travel in jeans because they can take you anywhere. If you are traveling to a ski resort though, good luck—I only travel to warm destinations!

Once you have your outfits worked out, you can focus on getting those all-important skin care products into those seemingly limiting Ziploc bags.

The good news is that Obagi and SkinMedica products are generally packaged in 1 and 2 ounce bottles.  Even TNS Essential Serum is 1 ounce and fits in a Ziploc! I can carry the entire Obagi NuDerm kit, with my Tretinoin and Elastiderm eye cream, and still have room for travel-size bottles of shampoo and the much needed Latisse.

If you use SkinMedica, start with TNS Essential Serum bottle and surround that with your travel-size Facial Cleanser, Ultimate Daily Moisturizer, Dermal Repair and Retinol.  Again, you should have room for a little shampoo and your Latisse.

The final addition to your suitcase should be your Clarisonic Brush and the Clarisonic Opal. Depending on the length of your stay, there’s often no need to bring the chargers, as both should last about 30 days before beginning to wind down.

Despite the rules and regulations for traveling with liquids, you don’t have to let your skin care regimen fall by the wayside while on vacation.  Bring your products with you and you will come home looking refreshed and glowing, not like you need a vacation from your vacation.

If you have any questions about maintaining your skincare routine while traveling, call the office at 614-799-5100 or simply stop by and I’d be happy to help you!

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