Why Add Chemical Peels to Your Regular Skincare Routine?

Introducing chemical peels into your skincare routine might just be the missing piece in your journey towards healthy, beautiful skin. Leveraging topical solutions derived from all-natural ingredients, this tried-and-true treatment delivers customized exfoliation to safely and effectively address your unique skincare concerns. ...

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Crafting the Perfect Pout: What Type of Lip Treatment is Best for You?

Contrary to popular belief, not every lip injection is done with the goal of creating lips that the Kardashians would be jealous of. Lip fillers can serve many purposes beyond the stereotype, such as restoring symmetry, filling etched-in lines, and enhancing your natural pout. ...

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Why Our Lips Age (And How to Slow the Process Down)

While we wish our lips were exempt from the aging process, they – like the rest of the face – change as we get older. Over time, our skin naturally loses collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – and our lips are one of the first areas of the face to see the impact. ...

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4 Reasons You’ll Love The LUMIVIVE™ System

If you’re tired of lackluster results from your skincare routine, it might be time to take things up a notch with the LUMIVIVE™ System by SkinMedica. This advanced skincare solution is designed to amplify your beauty regimen and restore stressed skin, leaving behind a more luminous complexion. ...

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