The Three Most Common Filler Fears

  1. The number one fear patients have about being treated with filler is that they will look unnatural or overdone.We understand this fear. We have me excellent before and after photos on our website that showcase our patients.  Or better yet, to see our work in person, feel free to stop into our office and meet our staff.   Almost all staff have had filler, and usually more than two syringes. Judge for yourself and see we don’t look overdone or unnatural.  In fact, most patients don’t realize that even our 30 year old employees have had a bit of filling.  Patients just think the staff looks beautiful – you can look your best too!
  2. Another concern patients have about filler is their fear that it will be painful.If you’ve had Botox, filler does not hurt much more.  To help patients relax and feel more prepared for the injection, we use ice, have topical anesthetic available, use injectables that incorporate local anesthetics and provide a calm, caring environment.  Our medical staff have a gentle touch and are extremely skilled injectors. Even the local representative, who taught filler injections, could not believe how relatively painless the procedure was when he had it at Timeless!
  3. If you think the cost of fillers is something to fear, think again. Many of the fillers last longer than one year, some of them having a life that extends to two years.  After the first filler treatment, most  subsequent treatments have a lower price point and are just used to keep the effects of what has already been achieved.  Compared to the cost of other treatments, filler is often longer lasting and cost effective over the course of treatment.

Contact us today and see how we can help you achieve natural filler results!

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