The Scarlet in Columbus We Don’t Want – Even with Gray

Get the Red out in Columbushelp for rosacea in columbus from timeless skin solutions

April’s rosacea awareness month.
While blushing can be an attractive feature, it can get out of hand for some people who struggle with rosacea.

Want a Little Red to Go with That White Wine?

People with rosacea often find their faces flushed after eating spicy foods, having a glass of wine or getting nervous.

You’re Not Alone

It’s estimated more than 14 million people have rosacea. Those who get it tend to be adults between ages 30 to 60.

It often occurs more commonly in women than men. But, men tend to get a more aggressive affliction.

Help’s on the Way

Here in Columbus, Timeless Skin Solutions offers products and treatments that can help ease the redness of rosacea.

To Purchase for Use at Home

Among our products, SkinMedica’s Redness Relief CalmPlex has proven to be very effective in treating facial redness.

CalmPlex doesn’t cover or mask the problem, but blocks the skin’s inflammatory response.
Clinical results show initial reduction in the appearance of visible redness in as few as two weeks.


Procedures Can Help, Too

Treatments such as Laser Genesis and Photodynamic Therapy are also great ways to fight the red menace.

For more information about addressing your skin issues, schedule a consult here.



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