Focused on Education

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we believe that everyone should have healthy, beautiful skin, and we embrace the “science of beauty” to help our patients achieve it. We combine our knowledge, passion, and vision for medicine, science, and technology to provide a natural and rejuvenated look while educating our patients along the way.

Continuing Staff Education

Education is a core component of what we do at Timeless, for both our staff and our patients. It is because of our commitment to continuing education for our entire staff that we are a leading provider of aesthetic medicine in Central Ohio, and in the top 1% injectors in the United States. Even more importantly, says Dr. Erin Olah, Timeless Medical Director, is the fact that this ongoing commitment to education results in “superior outcomes for our patients.”

Unique to Timeless, our intensive, ongoing training ensures that we are knowledgeable about the advances in technology and trends in aesthetic medicine, enabling us to provide our patients with the most natural results. Dr. Olah notes, “It’s important to conduct continuing education, even on the treatments we do all day, every day.” She points out that aesthetic medicine technology and products are constantly evolving, so “it’s important that our techniques evolve as well.”

  • On a weekly basis, our medical providers meet for educational sessions, to share superior patient outcomes achieved through treatment and/or products, review any difficult cases, and collaborate on how to optimize patient plans or SkinScripts. In addition, they review any operational issues within our medical offices that could deter from an excellent patient experience.
  • The weekly meetings are supplemented with quarterly in-depth educational opportunities that often include presentations from our industry partners and hands-on demonstrations. For example, last month the provider team looked at different ways to maximize filler for a lower facelift. The results were impressive!

In addition, our entire team is educated on the medical-grade products that we offer and the potential role that each play in ongoing skincare. As the leader in aesthetic products and treatments, Timeless is most often the first to know, and have access to new innovations in skincare!

Patient Education

From our providers to our Patient Care Coordinators and our Patient Care Advisors, our entire staff plays a role in ensuring that each patient is comfortable and satisfied with their care and results. Beginning with the first phone call, through the initial consultation and treatment, you will see and feel the Timeless difference, where the patient is truly at the center of everything we do.

And, of course, we ensure our patients are well educated, as well! We want each of our patients to understand what is happening before, during, and after a treatment; as well as when they should start to see changes in their skin, and why. In addition, our team provides information on which medical-grade skincare products will be most beneficial to help them reach their goals, and further enhance any treatments they have had done.

Latest Trends in Health and Beauty

We also enjoy helping our patients stay current on the latest trends in health and beauty through our blog. We know that if we have been hearing a lot about a certain trend or buzzword, then our patients likely have to! So, we take a deeper dive into the latest and greatest trends and break down what is true, and what is not, and more importantly, why it should matter to our patients. A few recent articles looked at:

Whether you have been a Timeless patient for years, or are just beginning your aesthetic journey, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our providers to learn more about how we can help you meet your skincare goals and be you, only better.

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