Secrets from Dr C: How to Prep your Skin for Spring

Recently our own Dr. Clinton was able to take a few days of downtime and decided it was the perfect occasion for her four favorite skin rejuvenating procedures. Today, she shares her secrets to heading into Spring with a radiant, glowing complexion that you will be excited to show off.Pearl_DrC

My Spring Clean Skin Routine

A Pearl treatment rejuvenates the skin in my face and neck region. It removed a few dark spots that were beginning to reappear and tightened the skin as well as ironed out my fine wrinkles.

Photodynamic Therapy
I still have brown spots that love to reemerge on my chest from my years of lifeguarding  PDT is a treatment that treats the sun spots, revives my skin of crepiness and also treats precancerous lesions.

I noticed my frown lines coming out and a few fine lines around my lips.  A bit of Volbella and Juvederm Ultra and my frown is turned upside down and the lines are smoothed. The best part? The results looks natural yet make a noticeable difference.

A bit of Botox in my neck, chin, crows feet and forehead smoothed out the few remaining wrinkles.  

I now feel refreshed and ready for the rest of 2017! Are you ready to amp up your skincare for a fresh new season?contact us button green
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