Find Your Peak: Fitness Transformation Challenge

Two years ago, Timeless sponsored the first challenge offered at Peak Human Performance. The attention to healthy exercise patterns, along with simple lifestyle changes (think sleep and rest days!), nutrition, and positive mindset were truly inspirational. The staff at Peak work together to provide each client with the best experience. The other challengers provide additional encouragement and fun! We have continued to sponsor the program for these reasons.IMG_4205-05-04-17-10-18This week, as I prep for the challenge, I thought I would share the steps I am taking to get ready. Then I will ask former challengers to chime in on what they are doing to prepare for success with the Peak challenge.

  • BINDER for Grocery Lists, Recipes and Meal Prep Calendar.
  • APPS loaded and ready to go. My favorites are MINDBODY and MyFitnessPal.
  • WEIGH-INS completed when I receive my baseline macronutrient results to get personalized daily intake requirements in carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  • SCHEDULE classes, educational sessions. Plan out rest days and grocery days.
  • CHALLENGE myself to take classes I have not taken in awhile.
  • PLAN workouts to stay on track while traveling.
  • WEIGHING SCALE for food. This is my favorite scale for traveling.
  • KNIVES sharp and ready for cutting lots of veggies.

Here are some recipes from prior challenges for inspiration: Recipes for week 1 & 2Recipes for weeks 3 & 4, Recipes for weeks 5 & 6, Recipes for weeks 7 & 8, Smoothie Recipes, Tailgate Recipes

What are you doing to prep for the challenge? Please share your own tips and tricks in the comments. Best of luck!

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