Botox Use Among Millenials On The Rise – For A Good Reason!

A Common Response to Millennials and Botox®

“WHY, you don’t need it, you’re too young!”

This is the most common response I get when I share that I receive cosmetic treatments such as Botox® and Fillers. I am a millennial and I have made it a priority to use injectables as part of my skincare treatment plan since my early 20’s. As you start to read this, you may be asking the same question, “Why?”Ellen, a millenial and Botox® patient.

Aging Prevention

There are a few answers to this, but the main one is aging prevention! And I am not the only one of my peers realizing the benefit of starting anti-aging treatments before lines and wrinkles develop.

I wear sun screen every day to prevent exposure to UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays). Protecting my skin in this way not only reduces my chances for skin cancer, but is also a tool I use to prevent premature aging triggered by UV exposure.

In a similar way, I use Botox® to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming between my brows, across my forehead and around my eyes. Think of your skin similar to a piece of paper. As paper is folded, a crease develops and remains due to the fold. The same is true with our skin. As we frown, smile and squint, our facial muscles cause the skin to crease with these expressions. Over time, we see that the line remains, even if we are not making expressions. With Botox® treatments, I can ensure that these lines will not develop in the first place.

Immediate Benefits

Botox® is my long term plan to prevent aging, but it is not without some immediate satisfaction too. I love that with treatment I am able to get a brow lift and injections around my eyes give me a more refreshed appearance. I notice that when I smile, my eyes stay bright, and who doesn’t love that when snapping a selfie. While Botox® treatments are an investment now, I know treating lines before they occur will serve me well in the long run!

Interested in preventing lines and wrinkles for years to come or have other questions about Millennials and Botox®? Request an appointment today!

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