Roots and Skin Care Have More in Common Than One Would Think…

I was getting ready to go to dinner with my valentine and all I could think about is my hair and..its roots! Then I got to thinking about the idea of maintenance…which got me thinking about a question patients often ask me!

“How do I keep my skin looking healthy and radiant!?”

The reason looking at my hair got me thinking about this questions is because someone once told me that maintaining your skin is much like coloring your hair.

Right now I am about one month over due for an appointment with my hairdresser. I know this because I have 1.5-inch roots, and somehow I did not realize it until today! Of course, I may be the only person to notice, but if I don’t “maintain” the color, the highlights grow out, they fade, and my hair looks dull. Similarly, if you do not maintain your skin, it may look ruddy and on the day of an event or romantic holiday, you may look in the mirror and wonder…how did I just notice this?!

Here are some suggestions to those wondering how to achieve healthy radiant skin…and how to maintain it!

Establish a daily regimen:

The most basic at home regimen consists of using a medical grade facial wash, toner, exfoliant and a moisturizer. Depending on your concerns we will add or take away from this regimen. Sun Screen that protects against UVA/UVB rays are important anytime you go outdoors, the UVA/UVB rays cause wrinkles and damage to the DNA of your cells causing sun damage.

Make a monthly pit stop: recharge your skin!

In the office, we recommend regular Silk Peels/microdermabrasians and chemical peels at least twice a year. Men and Women who want to enhance the appearance of their skin can also take advantage of non-invasive procedures such as Botox, Dermal fillers and rejuvenating laser treatments that we offer.

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