National Skincare Awareness Month 

National Skincare Awareness Month falls in September – and for good reason. With summer coming to an end and the hustle and bustle of the school year starting, it is easy to let good skincare habits slip our minds.

Here are a few reminders of simple things you can do to ensure your skin stays beautiful and healthy throughout the year.

  1. Adjust your skincare with the seasons – We know that the summer months can wreak havoc on your skin, especially if you failed to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. But regardless of how careful you were with the sunscreen during the summer, Melinda, FNP-C, offers insight into how to shift your skincare heading into fall. And again as winter approaches (ugh!), Dr. Olah shares her tips for adjusting your skincare for the harsh elements that come with it.
  2. Speaking of sunscreen … it’s not just for use during the summer months! We know we are preaching to the choir at this point, but it is that important to keep repeating the importance of sunscreen to the health of your skin. And, let’s face it, the beauty of your skin, as well.
  3. It’s not just about your face – Don’t forget to extend your products onto your neck and chest, these areas are exposed to the elements as much as our face. Of course, there also are a number of décolletage treatments that can do everything from repair sun-damaged décolletage, to address décolletage wrinkles without surgery.
  4. A healthier you means healthier skin – While we think pairing medical-grade skincare products and treatments is invaluable to healthy, beautiful skin, there is so much more that goes into getting – and keeping – that glow. Be aware of the hidden culprits that cause skin damage every day, causing redness, dryness, and wrinkles.
  5. The importance of a plan – Like with most things, having a plan when it comes to your skincare is essential to realizing your goals and maintaining them once they have been achieved. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Whether you are noticing the signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, redness, uneven skin texture, or you just wished you looked a little more refreshed, a skincare plan can help you identify your concerns and how they can be addressed to help you look like you, only better.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we are committed to providing physician-led, personalized, and science-based solutions to all of your skincare needs. We look forward to meeting with you> to discuss your specific goals and how Timeless can help you achieve them.

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