Retin-A Products of the Month 

Dee calls the Retin-A family of products one of her favorites – and one of the most important to the health of your skin.” She says, “I have used it for 20 years, and it is one that you should be putting on your skin as young as your 20s.” Not convinced? She says “it is probably one of the number one anti-agers out there.”

Retin-A products help with fine lines and cellular turnover, and is your all around night-time anti-ager. There are different products to choose from, depending on you and your skin type. Dee says, “we definitely want to get one of them in your skincare regimen because you will notice the difference.”  In fact, Dee’s golden rule is, “If you really want to change the health of your skin, use sunscreen in the morning and a Retin A at night.”


A medical-grade product in the family of Retin-A products, SkinMedica Retinol comes in three strengths – .025, .05, .1, depending on your skincare needs. Retinol is the gentlest of the Retin-A products, and is a great way to get started. The SkinMedica Retinol has little capsules that are time-released, which ensures that it is very gentle on the skin. According to Dee, this is one product you don’t want to skip on because it is so important to your skin regimen, “your night-time anti-ager.”


A new product from Obagi, Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex also happens to be one of Dee’s new favorites. She calls it “cashmere for your skin.” In the Retin-A family of products, Retivance falls in the middle as a retinoid. Dee explains, “as a retinoid it just has one little step to take to get to that Retin A.”

The benefit of Retivance is that it was specifically designed for those with sensitive skin. If you have tried to incorporate Retin-A products into your skincare regimen, but your skin doesn’t tolerate it, Retivance was made for you. Dee says it is “calming and soothing, but you are still going to get those great benefits.”

A 20-year user of prescription-strength tretinoin (see below), Dee actually has started to rotate between this and tretinoin to maximize the benefits.


Obagi Tretinoin is a potent type of Vitamin A and the highest form of Retin A. It also happens to be one of Dee’s favorite products and one that she has been using for 20 years. It is used to treat fine wrinkles, dark spots, or rough skin on the face caused by the damaging rays of the sun. Dee says, “this will be a game changer for your regimen.”

Tretinoin is prescription-strength and comes in a variety of strengths based on your skincare needs. As a nighttime-only product, it is super easy to use. Dee’s tip is to be sure to take it down your neck and chest, as well as on the back of your hands.

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