Learn More About You Through Blogs

If you’re not a regular surfer on the Internet, now is a great time to dive in. Not only can you shop, read about current events, and watch your favorite shows on the Internet, you can also learn about you! There are many sites available that can help you assess your skin care needs, learn about the latest exercise and diet crazes, and even see which celebrity personality is most like your own! Don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the World Wide Web water. It can be as fun as flipping through a fashion magazine.

One great site to check out is www.mycelebritytwin.com. Anna Young developed the site using her famous father-in-law’s personality profiling. There are twelve basic personality styles. Take the quiz and this site will begin to educate you in areas where your personality is beneficial for you, and areas where you might exercise caution.

Are you a make-up lover who gets overwhelmed at popular make-up superstores? Then visit www.Makeupalley.com. This site features great advice on skin care and cosmetics. It launched in 1999 as a small community of beauty consumers. Now it’s one of the largest beauty social networks on the Web. The product reviews are especially helpful.

And don’t forget to ask the people you consult with on a regular basis if they have their own websites and blogs. Physicians and skin care specialists are starting to recognize the benefit of “speaking” with their patients and clients on a regular basis. They can post information on their Websites about new treatments and products and can even help you assess your own skin care needs. Some sites even let you purchase products right online. Blogs, which are online journals, let people share thoughts and ideas in a less formal setting. It’s not uncommon to read posts about beauty myths and procedures recently featured on entertainment programs. Some even feature video of different procedures and before/after photos.

While surfing the Internet, explore sites that tap into your mind, body and spirit. Learn a new recipe for guacamole at www.foodnetwork.com. Are you a mom who likes to be in-the-know? Click on www.modernmom.com for great tips and tricks. Who knows what you may learn! But before you chose to make any health or lifestyle changes, always be sure to check with your doctor.

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