How To: NEW Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift

Unsure where to begin in your anti-aging routine? Meet the newest addition to the Clarisonic line of products, the SMART Profile Uplift! This revolutionary attachment combines the power of Clarisonic’s iconic skin cleansing, 6x better than hands alone, with a new micro-firming face massage to visibly improves 15 signs of aging including fine wrinkles, rough patches, loss of elasticity, dark spots, and sun damage.

Learn how to get the best results from your new Smart Profile Uplift in the following two-step process:



Uses a sonic frequency of over 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin.

  • Apply cleanser directly to moistened skin or to a damp brush head.
  • Push the on/off button to turn on your cleansing brush.
  • Select desired speed.
  • Gently move the brush in small circular motions to cleanse forehead, nose and chin, cheeks, and neck. Brush will auto-adjust speed for an even cleanse. Learn more.

Time: 90 Seconds

Results: Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines for smoother, more radiant skin.


Uses 27,000 micro-firming motions to stimulate collagen production and boost the absorption of your daily skincare products.

  • Remove brush head and Attach the firming massage head. Ensure that 2 balls are on top, one on bottom.
  • Apply a facial cream over chest, neck, and face. Smooth evenly, but don’t rub in completely. It’s recommended to use a MOISTURIZER that doesn’t absorb too QUICKLY, to allow the massage head to glide over the skin.
  • Turn on device in smart mode and follow timer prompts.
  • Chest: Glide in overlapping circular motions for 30 seconds.
  • Neck & jawline: Glide in an upward lateral motion for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Lower face: Glide from chin to ear for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Forehead: Glide from center toward temples on both sides with a sweeping motionfor 30 seconds.
  • After each use, gently wash with soap and water, then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Replacement indicator illuminates after 6 months of twice-daily use.

Time: 3 minutes

Results: Skin feels firmer, and face and neck appears lifted after 12 weeks use.

Ready to put the power of beautiful in your hands? Complement your daily skincare regimen with the Uplift attachment, compatible with your Clarisonic Smart Profile device, and now available at Timeless for just $56. Visit the office today to amp up your anti-aging routine!

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