Master Your Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush

Welcome to the next generation of sonic skin cleansing. Clarisonic® Smart Profile™ puts the power of flawless skin in your hands.Our skincare experts break down how to get the best results from your new Clarisonic device.

How to use Clarisonic® for the face?

1. Charge the device for 24 hours prior to use.

2. Attach the Dynamic Facial Smart Brush head. The “Smart” Indicator will illuminate. To switch between smart and manual mode, press and hold the +/- buttons for 3 seconds.

2. Wet your skin and brush head and apply a gentle cleanser. (Timeless can help decide the best cleanser for your skin type!)

3. Turn on the device and follow T-TIMER® prompts while gently moving the brush in small circular motions. The brush will auto-adjust for an even cleanse:

• 20 Seconds: Deep cleansing on the forehead
• 20 Seconds: Deep cleansing on the nose and chin
• 10 Seconds: Gentle cleansing on one cheek
• 10 Seconds: Gentle cleansing on other cheek
• To use the Turbo function, hold the “turbo” button for as long as desired.

4. Rinse face with water and pat dry. Runse brush head.

Now available with Uplift attachment for a micro-firming face massage. Shown to visibly improves 15 signs of aging including fine wrinkles, rough patches, loss of elasticity, dark spots, and sun damage.

How to use Clarisonic® for the body?

1. Attach the Dynamic Facial Smart Brush head. The “Smart” Indicator will illuminate.

2. Wet your skin and brush head and apply a gentle cleanser.

3. Turn on the device and the brush will cycle through 3 stages for a three-minute full body cleansing.

• 30 Seconds: Foaming massage – pulsating
• 2 Minutes: Full body cleanse – continuous
• 30 Seconds: Finishing massage – pulsating

Interrupted? Press and release power button to pause. Cancel a cleansing cycle by holding power button down for three seconds. It will automatically shut off after the cleansing cycle completes.

What makes the Clarisonic® Smart Profile™ unique?

Smarter: Each smart brush head has an embedded micro-chip to communicate to the device how much speed and power to use, where, and for how long. The device automatically adjusts through 4 speeds at specific intervals for enhanced sonic cleansing performance.

Simpler: One device with interchangeable brush heads to cleanse your entire body. Visual indicators on the device show speed, operating mode, battery life and notifies you when a replacement brush head is needed.

Stronger: Turbo function adds a power boost any time when deeper cleansing is needed for areas of set in dirt or rougher skin patches. The SmartProfile cleanses 11x better than hands alone.

For clearer, brighter, and more hydrated skin, pick up your Clarisonic Smart Profile brush at either Timeless Skin Solutions location. Our trained medical staff can help customize your brush to your skin’s specific needs.

*Instructions compiled from Clarisonic User Guide.

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