From Proud Patient to Timeless Team Member

SteffiHi my name is Steffi, and I want to share with you my journey from a satisfied patient to a soon-to-be member of the Timeless team.

In 2008, I began coming to Timeless Skin Solutions because I was having such a hard time finding a way to clear my skin of acne. I have been a patient ever since, scheduling silk peels on a regular basis and have fallen in love with Timeless, their mission and their employees. Now that I am almost graduated from college and looking for a fulfilling career path, I am more than ecstatic to work for a company that has really helped me over the past nine years.

In late 2009, I began helping out at Timeless. Dr. Clinton’s son, Owen, and I would come to the office on the weekend to count the entire product inventory. Following graduation from High School, I have been able to offer my clerical services to others in the office during school breaks. It was at that point, four years ago, I realized I could see myself contributing to Timeless on a full time basis. Now that the countdown until graduation is only 68 days, I am looking forward to starting my career at Timeless in May.

As a patient, I noticed there was something about interacting with the Timeless Patient Care Coordinators and Providers that opened my eyes to see how tight knit the team really was. It was at that point I was given my first opportunity to represent Timeless in a short advertisement video of some of the services provided. Again, the more interaction I experienced with other members of the team, the more drawn I felt to everyone at Timeless Skin Solutions.

Now more than ever, I am delighted to say how excited and privileged I am to be joining the Timeless team. While most may think it is cliché to say this is a “dream come true,” that is how I truly feel about my upcoming employment. I have been given a great opportunity to work for Dr. Clinton and become one of the vital pieces of the puzzle that helps this company provide phenomenal skin care to Central Ohio patients. I cannot wait to see what opportunities await me!

Interested in joining the Timeless team of passionate individuals? Apply today!

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