Healthy Skin Starts with a Healthy You

Take Two Blueberries and Call Me in The pretty produce during timeless skin solutions field tripMorning

You are what you eat and Dr. Carol Clinton will be the first to tell you the importance of eating well to keep your skin looking great.

Field Trip!

What really sets Earth Fare apart from other stores is the list of things we don’t offer … like any products containing high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial colors and sweeteners, and synthetic growth hormones in meat and milk. We believe food should be as close to the ground as it gets, and we are proud to read the labels so you don’t have to!

With a philosophy like that, how could we not head up to Polaris and check out Columbus’ newest healthy food offerings at Earth Fare?

Shopping List Ideas

Clinton sent us off with some specifics that were easy to find at Earth Fare:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are best
  • Choose vegetables in a variety of colors, purchase cool-weather fruits and include berries
  • Eliminate processed food from your list
  • Buy olive oil
  • Read labels and don’t buy partially hydrogenated anything
  • If there are too many words on the ingredients list on the label, don’t buy it
  • Include omega 3 fats in your diet
  • Drink water

Lunch Breakhealthy eating during timeless skin solutions' trip

It was rough work (not) shopping and looking around for great healthy things to take back to the office, but gals have got to eat.

There is a pretty wide selection of already-prepared foods and drinks as well as a cute area in the front to eat what you’ve chosen.




Sharing the Bounty

We were able to have some great snacks during our staff meeting.

Items we purchased for our healthy noshes included multicolored peppers, grapes, a bunch of different trail mixes, blueberry dark chocolate candies, carrot chips, green bean chips and a nice bottle of red.

OK. We’re saving the wine for an after-hours special occasion, but you get the idea.

To hear what we can do for your skin from the outside, be sure to schedule an appointment here.



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