Good Things in Small Packages – New Ultherapy in Columbus

Just When You Think Ultherapy in Columbus Couldn’t Get Better


It does.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

In this case, a smaller application head for the Ultherapy treatment will allow us to use it in groundbreaking ways in Columbus.

The application head, called a transducer, takes electrical energy and turns it into sound energy that gently heats the under and now some of the layers closer to the top of the skin.

Transducer, Schmansdcuer What’s It Mean to Me?

According to Allyson Sterling, Timeless Skin Solutions’ physician’s assistant, “With the more superficial transducer we are simultaneously treating different layers of the skin which provides a synergistic effect.

“You get tightening at deep, mid and superficial levels which leads to a better overall result.”

We’re Hitting All the Bases Here

“It’s kind of like if you want to get in shape you can run, diet, and lift weights. With just one approach you are going to see results, but if you do ALL three together the result is going to be THAT much more significant, ” she said.

Say Sayonara to Sagging Skin

While Ultherapy isn’t a facelift, we can achieve many of the same effects without surgery and all it entails.

Ultherapy at Timeless Skin Solutions can also be performed in a relatively small amount of time at our office.

Want to Learn More?

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