Going to the Chapel with Elle (Part 1)

Preparing for the Big Day!

Life is full of special moments and no doubt we want to look our best for them. A quick skin ramp-up can help achieve picture-perfect results in as few as six weeks for your upcoming parties, photoshoots, and other special events. But for life’s biggest moments you will want to plan up to a year in advance. We will spend the next few months diving into the different aspects of getting event-ready, so we hope you will join us. 

Elle and Ryne’s Love Story

As luck would have it, our own Elle Ruhl, Practice Manager, is getting married this Fall so we thought it would be fun to follow along on her preparations and how she is getting event-ready. Elle and her fiancé, Ryne, are a modern-day romance, meeting on a dating app while they were both studying at The Ohio State University. She says, “…we connected instantly over our love for golf, traveling, and Taylor Swift!” The couple got engaged in Paris at the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day 😍 and are planning to be married this October.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

No matter what your aesthetic goals are for the big day, our providers at Timeless Skin Solutions can help you meet them. In Elle’s case, she is really focused on getting healthy and beautiful skin, along with body contouring. She began the process of getting event-ready with a conversation with her provider, discussing what she is hoping to achieve, her timeline, and her budget. 

Nine to Twelve Months Out

For life’s biggest moments, it’s not uncommon to start preparing for about a year. If you have that much time, you will want to first focus on those treatments that take the longest time to see the optimal results. And while in many cases that includes some of our more in-depth procedures like Ultherapy, Secret RF, and CoolSculpting, it may also include on-going maintenance treatments your skin is looking its best. 

Elle is using a combination of treatments to help meet her goals:

  • She has already begun surface skincare treatments to help her deal with on-going acne and maskne issues.
  • As many brides-to-be do, she is dieting and will incorporate CoolSculpting into her plan should she not achieve the results she wants with dieting alone.
  • She also will be using Kybella filler to minimize her double-chin, as even with dieting this is an area that can be difficult to address.
  • And, of course, she is maintaining her Botox and will incorporate filler for her lips, jawline, and chin!

We are so excited to go on this journey with Elle and Ryne as they prepare for their wedding! Next time we will take a look at what you should be doing about 6 months before your big day to make sure that you feel beautiful and confident. If you have your own big day coming up, schedule a consultation so that our providers can create SkinScript that will help you meet your goals.

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