Catching Up with Timeless Insider Kath Jackson

When Kathy “Kath” Jackson started at Timeless 15 years ago, she was solely a “product girl,” but her curiosity soon led her to full-blown Timeless Insider status. Between Micro-needling, Secret RF, Dermaplane, and filler treatments, there’s almost nothing she hasn’t tried. “Every time I go to my dermatologist, they are blown away by how healthy my skin is, especially as a skin cancer survivor,” Kath shares. “I never go anywhere without skin protection, I always have my Colorscience Sunforgettable Sunscreen in my purse.”

Along with treatments, Kath also follows a SkinScript with the guidance of provider Allyson Sterling, “At Timeless, I’m educated. Other places just want to sell, sell, sell, but here, I actually learn. I’m educated on the procedures and treatments, and I’m booked until February 2022!”

Being a skin cancer survivor, Kath learned how important it is to take care of yourself. “If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re not the best you that you can be. I make sure that I make these moments a priority your skin health is just as important as any other doctor appointment you make.”


As a result of her skin cancer procedures, Kath was left with scarring on her face and chest, which are now completely gone from the help of her Timeless treatments. She notes, “I don’t mind scars, scars mean you survived, but you can still survive and look and feel good.”

It wasn’t long after Kath started treatments that her family also started to take notice, “Timeless is so good that all of my daughters now come here. We are a Timeless family, even my husband!”

Kath Jackson at a wedding.

In addition to being a wife, mother, and retired speech pathologist, Kath is a dedicated volunteer who was named a 2020 Everyday Hero by USA Today. She is known throughout the community as someone who spends most of her time volunteering, something not even a global pandemic would slow down. “During the pandemic, my husband and I would get up every day and ask ourselves, ‘What difference are we making today?’ When we impact someone else’s life, it impacts ours in return.”

Among her many volunteer activities, Kath works at a food pantry where she picks up food and supplies and drops them off where needed.  She also started a clothing closet at the Reeb Avenue Center, which houses around 14 different agencies, where a family is able to walk into one place and get everything from belts, shoes, suits, scarves, dresses, and more.

Kath Jackson volunteering.

In addition, she is part of the international organization, I Support The Girls, which collects bras, underwear, and feminine hygiene products for women and girls in shelters, schools, and those in need. “During 2020, I collected and donated over 227,000 bras, tampons, and sanitary pads throughout Columbus, and there is still a need for more.” Kath goes on to share that there was certainly an increase in need for food as well, “One thing we know is that nothing is for certain, sometimes you will need help and it’s okay, hunger doesn’t know a zip code.”

We are so proud to be able to play a small role in Kath’s journey and love having her as a Timeless Insider. Thank you, Kath!

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