Top 3 non-surgical ways to eliminate a double chin

double chin turtle neckThis is the year you will stop hiding your double chin with turtle necks and scarves! We are in the midst of a major shift in the cosmetic industry with more patients demanding non-invasive, permanent and effective alternatives to cosmetic surgery and mildly effective topical products.

The top 3 non-surgical ways to get rid of a double chin.

  1. Kybella – FDA approved in 2015, Kybella is a injectable treatment backed by a 92% patient satisfaction rating!  Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Kybella, medically proven to break down fat cells. Because at age 10, our bodies stop producing fat cells, once a fat cell is broken down, it’s gone for good. Treatment takes about 20 minutes and involves a series of injections.  There is swelling and redness after the treatment and one may want to cover the area over the next week to conceal swelling or discoloration. For optimal results, several treatments will be required spaced approximately one month apart.  The best news – once it’s gone – it’s gone – meaning re-treatment is not needed! 
  2. CoolSculpting  Focused on treating smaller body areas, primarily the chin, CoolSculpt Mini was launched in 2015. CoolSculpting works by cooling the treatment area and crystallizing targeted fat cells. These cells are removed by the body’s natural mechanisms and therefore will not accumulate in other body areas. CoolSculpting is ideal for removing large amounts of fat under the chin. After the CoolSculpting treatment – if a small area of fat remains – we can use Kybella to contour the chin further!
  3. SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex and Total Defense + Repair – Pack the 1 – 2 punch! These medical grade, at home products will deliver noticeable results to sagging skin, crepiness, lines, neck fullness, and discoloration.  Apply TNS Recovery Complex, rich in growth factors, twice daily to the neck area. Follow with Total Defense + Repair SPF 34, an antioxidant rich sunscreen and infrared sun protection, once daily in the morning. Within six weeks you will notice an improvement of the skin on your neck.

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