How To Choose A Sunscreen That Is Right For You

Are you confused about which sunscreen is right for you? It’s not news to anyone that sunscreen protects our skin from burns, aging and helps to prevent skin cancer. However I find many of my patients avoid sunscreen because it irritates their eyes, skin, or leaves them with a greasy feeling and a funny white haze?

Help is here. What you need to know.

For the practical and everyday body coverage –  Look for an SPF of 30. Sprays or lotions work well for full body coverage. Remember if you are spraying, please cover your mouth and nose so you don’t breathe in sunscreen.  Make sure all areas – including those approaching clothes lines and hair lines – get covered.  
total defense and repair 1For your face, neck and decolletage – Buy the best. Mineral based sunscreens that have zinc and/or titanium will cause the least irritation. Even better, consider a SUPERSCREEN that contains sunscreen, antioxidants and infrared protection. This combination of ingredients will protect your skin from UV rays, collagen breakdown, the production of skin discoloration and keep your skin cool at the same time.  This not only provides protection but will actually help your skin heal itself. You can reserve these for your face or splurge and give yourself the best protection over all your skin.
colorescienceFor the beach, sporting activities, or simply everyday – The key message is sunscreens can be comfortable! Mineral sunscreens now come in brush on formulations making it easy to carry and to reapply.  And since it’s a mineral powder, you won’t get sand stuck to your skin at the beach, no sticky palms on the golf course and no sunscreen/sweat combination that drips in your eyes.
Sunscreen is always in season. Stop in our office and let one of our medical staff help you select the sunscreen that is right for your skin and activity. Already know what you want? Contact our office and we can have it ready for you to pickup or we are happy to ship it out to you.
Carol L. Clinton, M.D. 
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