Layer Products Like A Pro

I  want you to know how to properly layer the skin care products you purchase and why you are putting them on in the order that you do.   If you think of layering your products like you are building a sundae – the basics first, the toppings second and the whip cream third, it may be easier to relate to the steps.  

Product application falls into 3 basic categories: Preparation, treatment, and protection These three easy steps should help demystify what you are doing and why.

How to Layer Skin Care Products sm

1. PARFAIT CUP & ICE CREAM: Preparation
The foundation is all about properly cleansing the skin. We consider the Clarisonic Pro Brush a must have because it removes, oil, makeup and dead skin cells better than manual cleansing. The Clarisonic brush alone will allow greater penetration of your treatment products. Using the proper cleanser and toner for your skin type and concerns is important.
2. SPECIAL TOPPINGS: Treatment products 
These are usually prescription or medical grade skin care products used to treat or prevent specific issues.  Products in this category include antioxidants, vitamins,peptides, retinols, growth factors, lightening agents, and antibacterial agents.  In general, the  treatment portion of your regimen should be put on in order of the thickness of the product – with thinner products applied before thicker products.
3. WHIPPED CREAM & THE CHERRY: Barrier and protection products
The last step includes hydrators and moisturizers.  Hydrators actually help hold water in the skin. Moisturizers are different and help prevent water in the skin from being lost to the environment.  Moisturizers create a skin barrier and should always be the final step before sunscreen. A moisturizer applied in an earlier step will cause treatment products to have a harder time getting through to the skin. Exposure to sun is the #1 cause of aging so don’t forget –  sunscreen – the cherry on top!
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