Dermal Fillers Columbus: You’ve Got Choices

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Generally speaking, when people talk about facial or dermal fillers in Columbus, what they usually mean are products that are created from hyaluronic acid.

Among products available are Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane. They are injectables that can plump up your skin and provide volume that eases wrinkles. When used in the lip, a fuller mouth can be achieved.

It’s Not Just a Choice of What but Where

Dermal fillers can really enhance a bunch of different areas, according to Dr. Carol Clinton. Gail Hogan and Clinton recently discussed the role of dermal fillers in skin rejuvenation.

“I think it’s important to know you can fill lots of different places on your face,” Clinton said.

Most people know it as the treatment for what’s called “parentheses” in the nose and mouth area.  Many people are additionally familiar with the ability of dermal fillers to plump lips up, as well.

Fillers also work very well in areas like the temples that tend to hollow out as we get older, she said.

Additionally, the jawline can see improvement with a treatment to better define the area. And, don’t forget deep acne scars can be seriously minimized with just a small addition of filler.

Looking Weird Is Avoided Above All

“The most important thing is to be left with a natural look. Not like you’re ‘over-filled’ and something’s wrong with you.”

Clinton said most people only need a tiny bit to see a big improvement that remains natural-looking.

A Little Wonder

Patient Liz said she couldn’t be happier with her dermal fillers and the results.

“It’s been a really great experience for me,” Liz said.

She said she hadn’t initially noticed a big difference and returned to Clinton a week later. She then saw her before and after picture and was wowed.

“It’s amazing. When people see me from even way back when they say, ‘You look the same … like you did in high school.’ ”

Hogan agreed the results were great. “The before and after pictures are amazing.”

If you’d like to see Liz’s before and after pictures, be sure to watch the full video:

Learn more about dermal fillers  and request a consultation to see what they can do for you.





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