Timeless Insider Cathy Scott Shares her Breast Cancer Journey

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Timeless Skin Solutions honors all of our clients and friends who have battled or have been impacted by this disease. We are particularly proud that the services we provide have empowered some of our patients through their battle with breast cancer, and their life after cancer. Thank you to Cathy Scott for sharing her story with us.

Having cystic breasts, Cathy routinely examined her breasts and one day in September 2011, she felt something “different.” At first, she didn’t think much of it; she had had her routine mammogram in July and nothing was suspicious then. Her doctors told her the cyst would go away, but the feeling in Cathy’s “gut” was like a steady alarm constantly ringing and keeping her alert. After seven months, the cyst did not go away and Cathy decided it was time to get some definitive answers.

When the cyst was not easily aspirated, Cathy knew that something was wrong. She was sent for a diagnostic mammogram and learned that same day that she had breast cancer—lobular carcinoma stage 2A. She chose to have a lumpectomy and lymph node removal, which was followed by four rounds of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation.

She completed her treatment in November 2012, except for an oral medication that she took for the next five years. Cathy is now seven years cancer-free and celebrates every day that she is able to enjoy her life and her family.

Looking back on her experience, Cathy says that the most important thing that she learned is the need to listen to your own internal voice. If your body is telling you something, listen. She believes her cancer started as Stage 2 because she sat on it too long, despite having a feeling that something wasn’t right.

Another lesson learned? Focus on yourself, and your well-being, both mentally and physically. Prior to her diagnosis and now, Cathy has worked at being healthy through daily exercise and eating well. So it’s only natural that she wants her external appearance to match her internal health. “When your hair is short [from chemotherapy hair loss], you focus on your face.” Cathy stayed to a strict regimen of using her Clarisonic twice daily, and the key moisturizing products of Ha5 and TNS, Vitamin C Obagi serum and sunscreen. She also adds that “everything I do at Timeless, from my daily skincare regimen to the laser treatments, IPL, and microdermabrasion I undergo on a regular basis helps me to feel better about myself.”

Cathy Scott


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