Say Goodbye to Sun-Damaged Skin with IPL

Hours spent in the sun, SPF-slathered or not, always puts sun damage at top-of-mind this time of year. At Timeless Skin Solutions, our trusted medical providers can help you to transform your red, blotchy or sun-damaged skin into a youthful, radiant complexion. 

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a proven and effective treatment that can help reverse the signs of sun damage lying deep within the skin. IPL can improve skin texture, tone and color with no downtime using a specific wavelength of broad-spectrum light to gently and precisely treat deep under the skin’s surface. This light therapy treatment is often used to minimize or remove sun damage, age spots, freckles, birthmarks, varicose veins, rosacea and more.

IPL is perfect for clearing up sun spots and freckles. The light energy is absorbed by pigment cells in your skin, and then converted into heat. That heat destroys the unwanted pigment, diminishing the sun damage and freckles. The end result is lighter and less noticeable pigmentation.

IPL is similar to a laser treatment but differs in a few key ways. The light from IPL is less focused and more scattered than from a laser, which means it can penetrate down to the second layer of the skin without damaging the top layer. With IPL, you’ll experience less redness and inflammation following your treatment.

Because IPL treatments work by sending light through the skin to target pigment, it is not an appropriate treatment for all skin types. People of color or those with deeply tanned skin are generally not considered candidates for IPL, however, at Timeless we offer a number of other treatments to safely arrive at the same results.

With IPL, you’ll see optimal results after about four to six treatments, spaced three to six weeks apart. Recovery is fast, and you can resume your daily activities immediately following your treatment. Pigmented spots will typically darken and flake off, but they won’t be noticeable. Best of all? Regular IPL treatments actually increase collagen production, which gives your skin an even tone and healthy appearance. Schedule a consultation with the Timeless medical staff today to learn how IPL can help you address sun-damaged skin and return to your radiant, Timeless beauty.

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