BeFORE and After Event a Success

On Friday April 25 Dr. Carol Clinton and her staff hosted the first Memorial Tournament BeFORE and After Celebration. Just like celebrities prepare months in advance for the Oscars, more than 200 women from around Central Ohio attended the celebration to prepare for the event of the summer, the Memorial Tournament. Dr. Clinton, the leading beauty doctor in Dublin, hosted the event to introduce new and current patients to the latest advancements in skin care and sun protection. Representatives from Allergan (Botox), Kinerase, Obagi and others provided procedure and product demonstrations while the Timeless Skin Solutions staff offered free patient consultations.

“This is the first Timeless Skin Solutions BeFORE and After Event. It’s to help people in Dublin get educated about skin care and to get their skin ready for the Memorial Tournament. We want to make sure their skin is protected when they’re out there in the sun,” says Dr. Clinton.

Those in attendance learned that if you’re going to be in the sun there are a couple different ingredients you need to look for in sun protection. Number one is micronized zinc and titanium. These ingredients are actually sunblocks. Then you want to look for the strongest UVA protection, which is protection from the AV rays of the sun. Once you get out in the sun, Vitamin C prevents collagen from breaking down.

In addition to educating attendants about sun protection, Dr. Clinton performed a unique demonstration. Patient, Donna Newman, volunteered her ear lobes for a simple ear lobe rejuvenation procedure using Restylane. This procedure which takes just minutes improves the appearance of ear lobes and makes it possible for women to once again wear the earrings they love and to enjoy up do’s and short haircuts. Results can be seen immediately. “One area that people think can’t be rejuvenated is the ear lobe. As we age, the ear lobes lose collagen just like other places of our body. But Restylane can plump them back up,” says Dr. Clinton.

Those in attendance also enjoyed more than $14,000 worth of gift bags and product and service giveaways. The grand prize winner, Julie Gregorie, won more than $6,000 worth of products and services.

See pictures here.

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