Allergan , Inc Given Warning by FDA: Latisse

Patients have been enjoying the effects of using Latisse since its FDA approval in December of 2008. Since that time there has been a wave of promotional material released as Allergan’s product, Latisse has gained popularity. Allergan has some wonderful marketing materials, and the results that we have seen are phenomenal. However, we should not let that overshadow the fact that Latisse is most certainly a prescription medication and that as with all Rx’s there are risks or side effects associated. The warning given to by the FDA to Allergan had to do with the fact that their promotional materials did not given prominence to the side effects, not that new side effects or other more serious problems have been encountered.

Timeless Skin Solutions & Latisse:
Our patients have seen extremely satisfying results in lash enhancement. The most common side effect that our patients have experienced is an initial redness or itching around the eyes for up to one week, but patients should know, as with any other RX a rare allergic reaction may occur.

Possible side effects:
Specifically for Latisse these include: redness or irritation, bacterial eye infection, allergic reaction, excess hair growth outside the intended treatment area, permanent changes in iris and eyelid pigmentation.
For your protection and to decrease the risk of an adverse reaction visit a physician’s office and never purchase medical grade products off the internet.
*If you feel that you are having an adverse reaction: Intolerable itching, redness and tenderness that lasts over one week, rash ext. Discontinue use and call your physicians office immediately. The physician or staff should document this reaction and be able to send it in to Allergan for review.


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