Wedding Prep with Sam Eaton 

We could not be more excited to join #TimelessInsider Sam Eaton on her skincare journey, and especially now as she is preparing to get married! A patient at Timeless Skin Solutions for nearly a decade, Sam believes in regular maintenance to keep her skin glowing … and trust us, it definitely glows! We had the chance to chat with Sam recently about her fiancé, her upcoming wedding in Maui, and – of course – her favorite treatments and products from Timeless.

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Tell us a little bit about your fiance, how you met, the engagement, and your wedding plans.

My fiancé, Alex, is also a nurse. He grew up in Dublin and graduated from Scioto High School. We met at Lifetime Fitness when I worked at the cafe there and started dating in college almost 10 years ago. We then ended up going into nursing school together. We took a trip to Hawaii in 2019 where Alex proposed on Maui. We are returning to Maui to get married at Kukahiko Estate with some of our closest family and friends on February 18th.

When did you start going to Timeless Skin Solutions? What brought you in originally?

I started going to Timeless Skin Solutions about 9 years ago. I initially came in for laser hair removal and to work on my acne. As you can see, I loved it so much that I never left!

What are your skincare goals, in general, and what ongoing services do you use to meet and maintain those goals?

I have large pores, deal with dryness/dullness, acne, textured skin, wrinkles, and rosacea. I routinely do Micro-needling with a chemical peel, Botox®, and the combination of IPL and Laser Genesis. Prior to events, I will add in a Dermaplane or DiamondGlow to really make my skin shine.

Sam Eaton with her fiance and her dog.

How have you been preparing for your wedding in terms of treatments, products, etc.?

To prepare for our wedding, I have been doing my tried and true micro-needling and chemical peels as well as getting my regular Botox® injections. We have also tried Botox®  in a few new areas that I have loved including the lip flip, masseter Botox® , and necklines.

I also started Laser Genesis/IPL last year, beginning with a series and now doing maintenance treatments. It has made a huge difference in the texture and tone of my skin. It also seems to really help with my acne. I can tell when it’s time for maintenance treatments of micro-needling or laser because my skin starts to get acneic, dull, and reddened.

I will also be trying out the Aquagold Fine Touch Micro-infusion prior to my wedding which I am really excited about. I use Obagi Retinol and TNS Recovery Complex to help maintain my results in between treatments and help my skin recover post procedures.

What is your favorite treatment? Favorite product?

My favorite treatment is micro-needling and chemical peel because not only is it affordable, but it makes your skin like GLASS. You have to trust the process because during the first week you think “oh no, what have I done!” But once the peeling is complete you are left with perfection.

My favorite products are a toss up between the Obagi 0.25 Retinol and TNS Recovery Complex. They are the two products that I can’t be without in my routine to help with my skin concerns. And of course the least sexy product but MOST important to maintain results- sunscreen. I like the EltaMD one because it doesn’t flare up my rosacea or break me out.

Would you like to give a shout-out to anyone specific at Timeless?

Allyson and Emilia have been excellent providers since I started coming there. They have been fantastic at adjusting the plan to meet my evolving skin care needs over the years.  I’ve also recently started working with Dr. Olah for my laser and she has been great! And I can’t forget Dee. Always keeping track of my many appointments and moving me around to meet my crazy nursing schedule during the pandemic.

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