The Timeless Difference

We are often asked, Why Timeless?  What makes you different from everyone else? To us, the answer is clear we are simply the best at what we do and have been leaders in aesthetic medicine since 2004. With a 98% patient satisfaction rating along with being in the top 1% of injectors in the country, is what makes Timeless different!

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we believe that everyone should have healthy, beautiful skin, and we embrace the “science of beauty” by combining our knowledge, passion, and vision for medicine, science, and technology to provide outstanding results for each patient.  Our goal is to create a natural and rejuvenated look while educating our patients along the way.

But more than that, Dr. Erin Olah, Medical Director at Timeless, says that patients come to us because “we treat each patient like family.”  We are grateful that so many trust us to guide them through their skincare journey, and invite us to celebrate with them the everyday moments of life, as well as the big milestone moments too. 

Dr. Olah goes on to say, “We become a partner in our patients’ skincare journey, by providing individualized plans with their own SkinScript, each patient has an outline of what procedures and products we recommend to help meet their needs.” 

Education is very important at Timeless, whether it be for our staff or our patients. We educate our patients on what is happening before, during, and after a treatment; as well as when they should start to see changes in their skin, and why. Our entire team is well-educated on the treatments and medical-grade products that we offer and the potential role that each play in on-going skincare. 

From our providers to our Patient Care Coordinators and our Patient Care Advisors, our entire staff plays a role in ensuring that each patient is comfortable and satisfied with their care and results. Beginning with the first phone call, through the initial consultation and treatment, you will see and feel the Timeless difference, where the patient is truly at the center of everything we do.

Ellen Burns, RN, says that “One of my favorite things is that over time I have gotten to meet so many amazing patients and there is nothing more special to me than to get to know their family and friends as they refer them to Timeless.”

That is the Timeless difference.

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