The Best Treatments for Tech Neck

How to Refresh the Lower Face, Neck, and Chest 


We spend a lot of time talking about how to treat the skin on our face, but the décolletage – consisting of the neck, shoulders, and chest – can oftentimes be overlooked. The amount of time spent on Zoom over the past few years changed that rapidly, however, and many of us are all too focused on the appearance of our neck and chest after three years of virtual calls.  

You may recognize the results of ‘tech neck’  without realizing there is a phrase to describe it. Tech neck refers to the creping, sagging, and wrinkling of the skin around our lower face and neck that is exacerbated simply by our positioning when we’re using our phones and computers. 

Addressing the signs of aging in the lower face and neck 

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent and address the signs of aging in the lower face, neck, and chest is to pull your skincare products all the way down when applying them to your face. Be sure to apply your products, including sunscreen, to the neck and chest area, and don’t just stop at your face.  

In addition, here are a few of our best treatments that can also improve the appearance of your lower face, neck, and chest without surgery.

Best Treatments for Tech Neck


Micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment that uses small, sterile needles to create small puncture wounds to promote skin rejuvenation. The treatment not only rebuilds the skin from the outside in, but also allows medications, nutrients, and skin care products to be absorbed deeper into the skin. It is an effective treatment for a variety of concerns, including large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, acne, scars, and skin pigmentation issues.  

Secret RF

Secret RF takes microneedling to the next level. It combines micro-needling with the delivery of radiofrequency energy into the deeper layers of the skin to improve skin tone and texture, with minimal downtime. Like traditional micro-needling, it creates controlled micro-injuries to trigger the skin’s natural healing response and collagen production. The addition of radiofrequency energy further stimulates collagen remodeling and tightens the skin. Secret RF is quick with minimal discomfort, lasting only 30 minutes with little to no recovery time, and is one of the best treatments for décolletage wrinkles. 

Chemical Peels

To unveil that spotless, flawless complexion lying just below the skin’s surface, you will definitely want to add a chemical peel to your skincare regimen for your face, neck, and décolletage. Chemical peels can be customized to fit your skincare goals and can correct a variety of complexion-related concerns, from smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to treating acne and sun damage. Using topical solutions derived from all-natural ingredients, this tried-and-true treatment has been used for years to smooth and brighten skin.   


Whether you have sagging jowls that bother you or sagging wrinkles on your neck, injectables can help alleviate the signs of tech neck and give you the jawline and neck you have always wanted. 

For the lower face, VOLUX™ XC is the first and only filler to receive FDA approval for improving jawline definition. For those deep, horizontal lines on your neck, injectable fillers such as JUVÉDERM® can provide instant gratification and improvement in the appearance of those neck wrinkles.  

This past year, Timeless was proud to be among the first practices in the United States to offer RHA® Redensity. Part of the RHA® Collection of fillers that also includes RHA2, RHA3, and RHA4, RHA®, Redensity is an extremely pliable filler boasting the highest stretch score among fillers. It is the only filler FDA-approved to target those small lines around the mouth known as “smoker’s lines” or “lipstick lines” and has been a game changer under the eyes as well as in the fine lines around the neck often referred to as “necklace lines”.  


Botox® décolletage wrinkles – particularly those vertical lines on the neck – to relax the platysma muscle and soften prominent neckbands. Botox® is a shorter-term maintenance treatment that is needed every 3-4 months. 

At Timeless Skin Solutions, our providers can work with you to determine your ultimate goals and the best combination of treatments to help you achieve them. Our goal is to provide results that are subtle and highly personalized, to help you look natural and refreshed – you, just a little better.  

Contact us to start your skincare journey today. 

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