Laser Hair Removal Columbus, Ohio

Unwanted Hair Removal Unwanted hair is a big pain. No two ways about it. ...

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Stretch Mark Treatment in Columbus

Columbus: Stretch Mark Treatments Are Available There Is Something You Can Do if You’re Unhappy with Stretch Marks When rapid skin changes such as growth or pregnancy happen, many people see reddish purplish marks called striae emerge. You Don’t Have to Be Pregnant Dr. ...

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Columbus Scar Revision: New Scar Treatment

Treatment for Scars in Columbus Can Vary If you’ve got a scar that bothers you, there are a number of treatments available including one that only just recently made its debut. Dr. ...

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Wrinkle Treatment Columbus: The POWER Players

Combat Cosmetic Counter Claptrap  You need some serious stuff to really make a difference in your skin. Enter the power players: Hydroquinone Retin-A Alpha Hydrox Antioxidants Dr. ...

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