Maintenance Plan

What is the Maintenance Plan?  Our Maintenance Plan offers an outline for your skincare routine on a monthly basis.  This plan includes:  (2) IPL treatments, (2) Laser Genesis/IPL treatments, (6) SilkPeels, and (2) chemical peels.  These treatments last you for an entire year, are performed once a month, and offer a savings discount by paying for the package upfront.

Is the Maintenance Plan right for me?  The great thing about the Maintenance Plan is that it is for everyone. The Maintenance Plan is not a rigid series of procedures. It is a framework to allow us to treat patients with the procedures they need for an on-going and evolving basis.  We do not take a cookie-cutter approach, but rather a customized treatment plan that gives us the flexibility to treat each patients’ needs and concerns within a given sequence and time frame to achieve their optimal outcome.

For example, one of the treatments featured in our Maintenance Plan is the medical-grade microdermabrasion treatment called a SilkPeel.  A SilkPeel has a wide range of diamond shaped treatment bits (attachments) and topically-infused solutions to treat everything from the toughest skin to the most fragile. Chemical peels lie on a spectrum of mild-strong, which means you can have no downtime to several days of downtime. And IPL & Laser Genesis treatments can be adjusted to treat a variety of skin types and ethnic backgrounds while targeting a full range of concerns such as hyperpigmentation, facial redness, pore size and fine lines.

The Maintenance Plan is an excellent resource that keeps everyone on track – from the patient trying to correct problematic skin to the patient that is wanting to maintain the results they have already achieved – this is truly a plan for everyone!

Watch here as our patient Tawnya describes how this annual skincare plan works for her

Maintaining Healthy Beautiful Skin from Timeless Skin Solutions on Vimeo.

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