Skin Care Specialist Provides Solutions for Aging and Other Skin Issues

Dublin, OH – Feb. 22, 2008 – The average cost of a haircut in America is $45. ...

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Review of Fraxel

My Review of the Fraxel Laser Procedure I’m in San Antonio and was able to review all the new products at the American Academy of Dermatology. Fraxel introduced its new CO2 technology mentioned on NBC’s Today Show last Friday. ...

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How To Protect Your Skin During Winter

Winter-Proof Your Skin Cold weather and heat will dry and damage the outer barrier of your skin. The way we can prevent this is to “winter-proof” it by sealing in the moisture that those layers need to stay healthy. ...

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Pearl™ Vs. Fraxel Laser

This has been an exciting two months with the Pearl laser running constantly in our office.The Pearl is for patients with unwanted brown spots, uneven pigment, hormonal skin changes, texture problems, and/or facial lines around the mouth and eyes. ...

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