Forever, Timeless.

Over the past 13 years, as Timeless has grown into the thriving company it is today, I realized that I could make a greater impact beyond patient care. I am excited to announce that with much preparation and a quality team in place, I will be transitioning into the role of medical director and company visionary. Thirteen years ago, I made the decision to leave a satisfying career in emergency medicine to pursue not only a life long interest in skincare, but to open a business where my dreams for patient care could be realized. I wanted to use my love of medicine to provide a service for people that would make them feel good inside and out, and it was through Timeless that I have been able to achieve this goal.

It began as a simple operation with myself and Allyson Sterling, PA-C in care providing roles. I was responsible for everything from seeing patients, to laundry and answering phones, to directing the growth and maintaining the health of the business. Now, with a team of passionate, caring professionals in place, I am able to direct my focus on overseeing our medical teams at both Timeless locations, while ensuring that we provide the highest quality of care and customer service as we continue to grow.

For many patients, this announcement will come as no surprise as you have seen Timeless grow over the years, and my direct patient care hours diminish to two partial days per week. During this slow, controlled transition, I have been able to spend more time invested in my growth as a leader and cultivating a skilled and professional medical team.

I can assure you that moving forward, I will remain highly involved in the clinical oversight and decision-making of Timeless. I have extensively trained each provider and am confident that they are dedicated to extending my vision to provide the treatment outcomes and exceptional patient experience you have come to expect from Timeless. For a direct testimonial, ask any of the Timeless staff who treats them; I’m 90 percent sure you won’t hear my name. They, as well as I have complete trust in all of our medical providers.

As I reflect on this journey that is Timeless, I can’t help but be nostalgic about the amazing people I have met along the way, the growing group of dynamic, passionate women I have the privilege of calling my team, and the patients who have entrusted me with their care over the years. Thank you!

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