Get the Glow: Benefits of a Chemical Peel

You know what’s hiding just beneath the surface of your skin? A spotless, flawless complexion—and safe and effective chemical peels are the best way to unveil it. Chemical peels can be customized to fit your skincare goals and can smooth and brighten skin safely and effectively. Using topical solutions derived from all-natural ingredients, this tried-and-true treatment has been used for years to smooth and brighten skin. Chemical peel benefits include the following:

1. You can shave years off your age
In a chemical peel, a physician will first clean and exfoliate the skin, then apply a topical solution with ingredients customized to your skin type. The top layer of dead skin will peel away, revealing the youthful, healthy and radiant skin beneath. You’ll look years younger overnight!

2. They’re endlessly customizable
Chemical peels can correct a variety of complexion-related concerns, from smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to treating acne and sun damage. And we can customize the strength of peel and level of exfoliation to your specific skin type. We can administer a light resurfacing to brighten the complexion with virtually no downtime, or a moderate treatment with greater depth for acne scarring, hyperpigmentation or deep lines.

3. You can erase imperfections
Battling acne and acne-related scarring? Chemical peels can help fight acne and eliminate the scars that accompany it. The right salicylic acid peel can unclog pores while also exfoliating blackheads and fading acne scarring. Plus, salicylic acid will linger in the pores, continuing to keep them clear over time.

4. You’ll experience minimal downtime
Chemical peels are just one of the “lunchtime” appointments Timeless has to offer. After a quick, 15-minute appointment (with the procedure itself taking less than 5 minutes!), you can expect to experience three to five days of peeling skin but you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the skin’s texture after this non-invasive, topical treatment.

5. Benefits only increase with frequency
Our chemical peel devotees know that making peels a regular part of their skin maintenance routine is the best way to continue rocking fresh, dewy skin year-round. Chemical peels are quick, painless, and affordable, and they produce results. Peels can stimulate new collagen and healthy skin cell growth, so regular peels can deliver a radiant complexion year-round.

Book a consultation or contact us with any questions to learn more about chemical peel benefits and how to achieve your skin-care goals! 

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