Buzzwords: Brotox

Columbus “Brotox”

You may have heard rumblings in the news about “Brotox” — Botox for men. At Timeless Skin Solutions, we’re not interested in clever titles, but we have noticed a trend in more men getting Botox.

Amidst sporting event tickets, power tools, and ties, it seems men on the “nice list” found something else wrapped up under their Christmas trees this year: Botox. Good Morning A man getting Brotox, or Botox for men.America recently did a segment revealing the demand for wrinkle-free skin amongst men. The statistics support the stories that GMA found: last year more than 300,000 men in the United States got Botox.

Some of these 300,000 men were injected right here at Timeless Skin Solutions. We also offer Dysport, a competing product that does the same thing: get rid of wrinkles and fine lines caused by muscle movement. We like to think of Dysport and Botox like Pepsi and Coke: similar products, but some people have a preference.

If the man in your life is unhappy with their fine lines and wrinkles, go ahead and send them in. Let them know they’re not alone and that our world class injectors, Dr. Clinton and Allyson Sterling, will be happy to refresh their looks.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or learn more about Botox at Timeless Skin Solutions.

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