Everyone’s Talking About It: What’s Baby Botox?

You might have heard the term “Baby Botox” bouncing around a lot lately, but what does it mean?

What is Baby Botox?

Thankfully, this term does not refer to Botox for babies, but rather to the gentler outcome achieved by using tiny—or “baby”—amounts of Botox during treatment. It’s also been referred to as “Light Botox” or “Botox Light” and is ideal for patients who want to soften lines caused by muscle movement, without stopping this movement altogether.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between good Botox and Baby Botox.

  • Good Botox: A skilled injector will be able to use the standard amounts of Botox in a way that leaves a subtle (but noticeably improved) look. As a speaker at a Cosmetic Dermatology conference once said, “If you run into someone on the street, and they ask you who does your Botox, it’s not good Botox.” When it’s done well, the tell-tale signs of Botox—a heavy forehead, uneven brows, the “frozen” look—are virtually nonexistent.
  • Baby Botox: Because of the tiny amount used during treatment, Baby Botox is often barely noticeable. Facial expressions can still be made, even after it takes full effect, but they’ll be softened to allow some improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

A woman getting a baby Botox treatment.

The human body has trouble maintaining collagen production in the areas where the skin is constantly creasing. This is why, as we age, the wrinkles stick around long after the crease is made. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause these wrinkles, giving the body time to build collagen and erase those lines. Baby Botox is such a tiny amount, that the muscles still move, creating wrinkles, but not as easily. The creases are less deep, so some collagen production will occur, keeping the skin more youthful and elastic.

Performers tend to be fans of Baby Botox because they need to be as expressive as possible while still maintaining a youthful look. The term is said to have been coined in the entertainment industry by film director Martin Scorsese, because he was unhappy with the “frozen” look of his actors.

The One Downside

The downside of Baby Botox is that the results don’t last as long, and treatment must occur more often for maintained results. As stated before, lines and wrinkles do not typically disappear completely with Baby Botox. A patient should still expect to have lines or wrinkles, but know they are softened and will not be as deep as they might without any Botox at all.

Regardless of how much Botox is injected, it is still a medical treatment. Make sure your provider is a skilled injector and performs this treatment often.

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