Best Job Ever: Dee Hanna

As a Patient Care Coordinator for Timeless Skin Solutions, Dee Hanna spends her days educating patients about products and procedures, as well as explaining the individualized approach that sets Timeless apart.

“I love people, so meeting patients every day is wonderful,” Dee says. “I love what we do here and the focus on education.”

Her daily duties include greeting patients, filling out intake forms, taking pictures, and scheduling for the New Albany location. Since this location is a little smaller than the Dublin office, many days Dee and Dr. Erin Olah are the only two in the office. Because of that, Dr. Olah tends to leave a lot of the education to her, she explains.

For Dee, the “typical” patient could be just about anyone. “We have teenagers, men and women of all generations,” she says. “Mostly it’s somebody who’s just looking for healthier skin.”

Everyone who comes in is treated to a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs as well as their budget. Our Medical Providers are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each patient, and that’s something patients appreciate and love, Dee says. She credits Timeless’ distinctive individualized approach to founder Dr. Carol Clinton.

Dee actually knew Dr. Clinton socially before she came to work at Timeless—their children played soccer together. Over the six years she’s worked at Timeless, she has come to appreciate Clinton’s compassion. Her compassion to inspire others has been built into the Timeless culture.

“Our staff doesn’t look at patients as a number,” Dee says. “We are truly dedicated to each and every patient and will make sure their needs are being met.”

She also appreciates the warm and cozy feeling Timeless has cultivated over the years. “It’s so welcoming, you just feel at home,” she describes. And that comfortable feeling extends to her patients and coworkers, as well.

“As you get to know the patients, they’re your friends, too,” she says. “And the people I work with feel like they’re my family. They are honestly like my sisters—everyone would do anything for you.”

And for these reasons, Dee Hanna says she has the  “BEST JOB EVER!”

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