Men Don’t do Botox and Other Skin Care Myths

Our own Dr. Mindy Jacques answers your burning skin care questions and busts some common skin care myths. Be sure to check out the video, too!

Myth: BOTOX is for women, not for men.

The Truth: Everyone can be a great candidate for both Botox & fillers. Recently lots of men have shown interest in filler. Men will commonly request filler right along the jawline to lend a more distinguished look. Using fillers provides men with a confidence and competitive edge in the marketplace.

Myth: There is one “best” all-purpose filler.

The Truth: There are three general groups of fillers, each of which has its own unique advantages and targets a different skin area.

Thick fillers, including commonly known products such as Restylane Lyft, typically go along the cheekbones to help lift and tighten.

Medium fillers, which work to replace volume loss, are used to gently fill and soften the nasal labial area as well as the corners of the mouth, commonly referred to as the “marionette area.”

Thinner fillers are formulated for fine lines. They’re great for smoothing the little lines right above the lips, and the “smile lines,” or fine lines along the cheeks.

Myth: Chemical peels can’t be done in the summer.

The Truth: Chemical peels can absolutely be done in the summer! Patients can choose from several different kinds of chemical peels, and a lighter peel is often just what’s needed to brighten skin and give a healthy summer glow.

Myth: It’s more convenient to do dermaplaning and microneedling treatments at home.

The Truth: Coming into a professional skin care office for these treatments provides invaluable benefits. With microneedling, our staff can go deeper with treatments. Plus, you know the skin is clean, the treatments are safe, and you don’t have to worry about needles breaking off into your skin. Similarly, with dermaplaning, we can quickly and easily get rid of unwanted hair, exfoliate the skin and brighten the skin in a professional office setting.  

Myth: It’s not safe to exercise after a BOTOX treatment.

The Truth: Actually, exercising after a BOTOX treatment is perfectly fine—as long as you wait until at least four hours after the treatment to hit the gym. Waiting gives the BOTOX time to settle into the muscle and prevents it from moving out of the location where it was injected.

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