Staying Timeless with Andrea Forte 

Andrea Forte Looks Natural and Stays Natural … with Timeless

Patient Care Advisor, Andrea Forte, has been part of Timeless Skin Solutions since 2017, when she moved to the area from New York. She says, “It is wonderful to be a part of a team that works every day to make sure patients have the best care and experience possible.” She goes on to say, “We do love our jobs, we do genuinely love each other and I hope our patients pick up on that.”

Andrea acknowledges that a definite perk of working at Timeless is the access to treatments and products. She confirms, “I am fully committed!” When she first came to Timeless, Andrea’s primary concern was pigmentation from “years of foolish sun exposure.” Not anymore, however. “That is no longer an issue because I love my skin now and there is no more pigmentation! Thank you Timeless!!!“

With her focus now on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, Andrea has adjusted her daily skincare routine and treatments accordingly. We recently talked with Andrea about the skincare regimen she follows, which products are her favorites, and her advice for others.

Favorite Products:

There are two products that I credit with quick but long-term results that addressed my pigmentation and they are Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum and Obagi-C® Rx. They both helped to improve my overall skin tone.

Favorite Procedures:

I love Botox®, IPL, and Voluma!

About 5 to 6 years ago friends asked me why I always looked so angry… the angry 11’s. I was NOT angry! I started getting Botox® for that reason but now I also get it on my forehead and crow’s feet (and a little in the lip line helps prevent those creases from forming!).

I believe in IPL to help prevent pigmentation and help with fine lines and I LOVE Voluma in the cheek area. It lasts for up to two years, looks so natural, and can even give a little lift to your lower face.

Andrea’s Words to Live By:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Andrea’s Tip:

SUNSCREEN! I wish I had known when I was younger what I know now. Even on cloudy days.. .the sunscreen goes on.

Andrea’s Morning Routine:

  1. Obagi-C® Rx
  2. TNS® Advanced+ Serum
  3. HA⁵® Rejuvenating Hydrator
  4. Sunscreen

🌙 Andrea’s Nightly Routine:

  1. TNS® Advanced+ Serum
  2. Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum
  3. Tretinoin 0.025%
  4. Eye treatment
  5. Obagi Hydrate Luxe®
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