Introducing RHA® Redensity

“Beauty is dynamic. Your filler should be too.”

Timeless Skin Solutions is proud to be among the first practices in the United States to receive the newest FDA-approved filler on the market – RHA® Redensity – in our offices. RHA® Redensity is the only filler FDA-approved to target those small lines around the mouth known as “smoker’s lines” or “lipstick lines”.

Part of the RHA® Collection of fillers that also includes RHA2, RHA3, and RHA4, RHA®  Redensity is an extremely pliable filler boasting the highest stretch score among fillers. This enables our highly trained providers to fill even the smallest lines without bulking up the area.  With over 18 muscles around the mouth, filler placed in this area needs to move naturally without adding bulk. In addition, Redensity will be a game changer under the eyes as well as in the fine lines around the neck often referred to as “necklace lines”.

The RHA® Collection is intentionally designed for facial movement by mimicking the natural hyaluronic acid found in your skin and adapting to the dynamic demands of your face. When this natural substance is skillfully injected, it can shave years off your appearance. Timeless Medical Director, Dr. Erin Olah, says “ I love the soft effect of this filler.” She explains, “It provides lift and support while integrating beautifully into the tissue.”

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we embrace the “science of beauty”, combining our knowledge of – and passion for – medicine, science, and technology to provide outstanding results to our patients. By utilizing the latest in hyaluronic acid fillers we are able to offer a whole face approach to fillers that leave you looking natural and refreshed.

Schedule a consultation to see if RHA® fillers can help you meet your skin care goals.

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