4 Ways Exercise Helps You Get Your Glow

While it will always be important to be diligent about your skincare routine, it turns out that exercise might just be the secret to truly beautiful and healthy skin. After all, along with the liver our skin is one of the biggest detoxifying organs in the body. Getting in a good sweat session can help you to remove toxins, both helping you feel better and rejuvenating your skin.

  1. Increased circulation – When we push ourselves to the point of perspiration (think red-faced and breathing hard), our skin is being sent essential nutrients, hormones, and increased oxygen. Immediately after you exercise, you might notice an obvious rosy glow, but it’s really the day after your gym visit where you will see the true benefits of the oxygen-rich blood on your skin, including a healthy glow and plump appearance.
    Jill Guth, displaying the connection between exercise and skin.


    “I follow a consistent exercise routine and I really feel like it helps to even out my skin tone, flush toxins, and calm puffiness.” – Jill Guth


  2. Reverse skin aging – While there is overwhelming evidence that exercise is good for you, there are smaller targeted studies that show exercise can actually reverse skin aging. In a McMaster’s University research study, results show that after age 40, those who had been active had visibly younger-looking skin, similar to that of someone in their 20s or 30s, even if the participant was over the age of 65.
  3. Reduce inflammation – A good cardio workout can reduce inflammation and level out cortisol – the “stress hormone” – all of which can help reduce acne flare-ups. And don’t buy into the myth that sweat leads to skin breakouts. In many cases, it is just the opposite. Sweat secretes toxins and doesn’t lead to clogged pores as you might expect.


    “When I work out consistently, I feel better and that includes my skin. The more I sweat, the better my skin looks and feels. It’s almost like a purge!“ – Mackenzie James


  4. Improves muscle tone – While there are claims that exercise can spur collagen production, there is no real scientific evidence of this. But, the improved muscle tone from exercising improves the overall appearance of your skin.


    “Exercise helps promote a healthy body which also helps promote healthy skin.” – Stacy Gotti



As with all good things in life, moderation is key. You should be aware of how exercise impacts your body and skin, and adjust accordingly. For instance, some skin conditions like rosacea may actually worsen with exercise. And there is growing evidence that heat-centric activities like hot yoga and saunas can wreak havoc on your skin’s pigmentation. Whatever you do, be sure to wear high-quality sunscreen year-round, and especially if your exercising takes you outdoors. 


“My daughter’s go-to sunscreen product is ColorScience Sunforgettable mineral  powder sunscreen because it doesn’t impact her golf grip!” – Mindy Long




Regardless of how much you hit the gym, a high-quality, consistent skincare regimen is essential to getting AND maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Your skincare products will work hand-in-hand with the benefits you get from working out, making that glow oh so good. 

At Timeless Skin Solutions, our physicians and clinicians take into consideration all aspects of your skincare journey when putting together a plan for you. Book a consultation today to learn more.

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