Timeless Insider Features – Vol. 5 | Mindy Long & Mackenzie James

Mindy Long (@mindylong70)

Timeless Insider Mindy Long has been going to Timeless Skin Solutions since we opened our doors at our very first location! She heard about the practice through a friend and was among our first patients, and has never looked back. 

Mindy credits beginning a high-quality skincare routine at an early age with the healthy, beautiful skin she enjoys now. “If you get on it early, you won’t have to fix problems later.” A two-time breast cancer survivor, Mindy noted that she kept up with her skincare regimen at home even during her treatments.She loves that the physicians and clinicians at Timeless really listen to what she wants and (what she doesn’t want!), and keeps that in mind as they help her create her on-going skin care treatment plan.

“I feel like Allyson really listens to my goals, and I am very comfortable with her.”  

Products she can’t live without? Absolutely SkinMedica’s
HA 5 and TNS Essential Serum. “I recommend those to anyone and everyone!” After hearing some buzz on the red carpet during awards season, she added SkinMedica’s Vitamin C+E Serum to her routine, and really likes the results that she is seeing. 

Mindy and her husband have one adult daughter, who is an avid golfer. She recently returned home for a while bringing wither her a new “fur baby.”  Mindy is taking this opportunity to educate her daughter on the proper use of sunscreen since golf has her in the sun for long periods of time. “Her go-to product is ColorScience Sunforgettable, a mineral powder sunscreen because it doesn’t impact her grip!”

Mindy and her husband enjoy traveling regularly, and recently returned from Phoenix where they enjoyed time in the sun, away from the gray winter skies of Ohio. Mindy works part-time in Accounting in the Arena District with her college roommate and enjoys working out and walking her dogs in her free time. 

A frequent visitor to Timeless, Mindy receives Botox every four months and enjoys regular DiamondGlow treatments that help keep her skin feeling amazing. Mindy loves that the providers can personalize the DiamondGlow with an infusion of whatever she might need at the time, like extra hydration to help beat the winter dryness. 


Q & A with our youngest Timeless Insider, Mackenzie James. (@kenzi_james1)
Why did you start going to TSS? 

My mom, Megan, has been a patient at Timeless for about three years and she encouraged me to check it out. I really want to make sure that I am doing what is necessary in my 20s to prevent early aging in my 30’s. I am so glad that I went to Timeless because I have learned so much about not just the right products to use, but “when” and “how.”

What are your favorite products and services so far? 

I am really loving the DiamondGlow and Dermaplane treatments – they make my skin feel amazing! It’s quick and easy, with instant results – just my kind of treatment! 

As far as products, I really love my Clarisonic. It is a staple to my morning skincare routine, along with UV Light. I follow that up with SkinMedica HA5 and a tinted foundation with sunscreen. At night, I deep cleanse and apply HA5 again, and do a facial mask twice per week. 

I recently went to Dr. Sheridan and she was able to prescribe retinol and other creams to help me with a recent acne breakout.

Tell us about your family.

I am the oldest of three siblings, my brother Bryson is 22 and Evan is 18. We are very close and spend a lot of time together as a family. I really enjoy working out, traveling and spending time with family and friends, especially to watch my youngest brother play lacrosse for Loyola.

If you could tell your younger self something about skincare, what would it be? 

Stop tanning and protect yourself from the sun!


What effect do you think exercise has on your skin?

HUGE. When I work out consistently, I feel better and that includes my skin. The more I sweat, the better my skin looks and feels. It’s almost like a purge! 

What would you hope to gain from being a Timeless Insider?

I am most interested in being educated about the next steps for skincare for someone in their 20s, and what preventative steps I should take now as I approach my 30s and beyond. 

As a teacher, what trends are you seeing in skincare with younger generations?

I am starting to see more acne due to poor lifestyle choices and there is an ever-present pressure to be tan so kids are avoiding sunscreen.  

Your skincare mantra?

“I am usually in a better mood when my skin looks better.”


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